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AquaHawk Alerting™ is an affordable Web-based, customer portal solution that helps water, electric, and gas utilities improve customer service and build stronger client relationships. By presenting useful data and actionable information, providers can reduce routine support calls, easily resolve high bill complaints, and give customers more control over how they use utilities.

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8 Best Practices for Water Utility Customer Portals

Customer Engagement for Water Utilities 


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I don’t know what I would’ve done without Metro’s help taking care of my leak while I was away.

Castle Pines Metropolitan District - Customer


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Water Use Reports | AquaHawk Alerting
AmCoBi Launches Intelligent Water Conservation Solution to Help California Utilities Meet Mandated Water Use Reductions
AquaHawk Alerting News
Two New Additions to AquaHawk Alerting Encourage Customers to Conserve Water COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, April 30, 2015 – California water utilities without AMI or "smart meter" systems can now offer...
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The Pagosa Springs Sun and the Pagosa Daily Post Cover AquaHawk
AquaHawk Alerting News
Ms. Cynda Green sent a letter to the editors of The Pagosa Springs Sun and the Pagosa Daily Post sharing her recent experience with AquaHawk Alerting, and encouraging other water utility customers to ...
Water Efficiency - Customer Portal Best Practices
AquaHawk Featured in Water Efficiency Magazine – Eight Practices for Implementing a Water Utility Customer Portal
AquaHawk Alerting Articles
AmCoBi recently contributed an article to Water Efficiency Magazine describing eight best practices for water utilities implementing a customer portal solution. These practices include: planning your ...
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AquaHawk Alerting Featured on CBS SF Area News
AquaHawk Alerting News
Channel 5 KPIX in San Francisco recently featured a news story about Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD) and their use of AquaHawk Alerting. AquaHawk integrates with the Sensus FlexNet smart wa...
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