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  • AquaHawk Analysis

    NEW! AmCoBi Announces New Water Conservation Targeting Service

    AquaHawk Analysis helps utilities generate measurable water savings results

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  • Customer-View-mobile

    An Affordable Customer Portal for Water Utilities

    Engage customers and improve client satisfaction

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  • sprinkler

    Accurately Detect Leaks and Promptly Notify Customers

    Catch leaks early and alert clients via the Web, e-mail, text or phone

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  • couple

    Deliver Actionable Guidance your Customers Want and Need

    Help clients control costs and use water efficiently

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  • girl

    Responding to Customer Inquiries has Never Been Easier

    Easily resolve high bill complaints, eliminate leak forgiveness programs and more

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AquaHawk Alerting

A Customer Portal Solution for Water Utilities

AquaHawk Alerting™ is a customer portal solution that helps water utilities expand the services they provide their clients. By presenting useful information and actionable guidance, utilities can assist customers in using water more intelligently. AquaHawk helps your organization build stronger customer relationships and deliver a better customer experience.

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Latest News

Water Efficiency - Customer Portal Best Practices
AquaHawk Featured in Water Efficiency Magazine – Eight Practices for Implementing a Water Utility Customer Portal
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AmCoBi recently contributed an article to Water Efficiency Magazine describing eight best practices ...
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th oro valley case study
Case Study: Oro Valley Water Utility Engages Its Customers with AquaHawk Alerting - AZ
AquaHawk Alerting Case Studies
Service Connections: 19,000 | Meter Reading System: Sensus FlexNet™ AMI | Population: 42,000Oro Vall...
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Right Information. Right Customer. Right Communications Channel. Right Time.
AquaHawk Alerting News
What is the essence of effective customer engagement for utilities? Caroline Winn, Vice President of...
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Customer Portal
8 Steps for Evaluating Customer Portal Solutions for Water Utilities
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A Quality Model for Evaluating Customer Portal Solutions A municipal water utility providing servic...
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