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Case Study: Seacoast Utility Authority, FL

Service Connections: 36,000 | Households + Businesses Served: 51,560 | Meter Reading System: SensusAMI

CaseStudy Article SUA FrtHighlights

  • Identified potential water leaks and enabled SUA to easily alert customers
  • Reduced onsite service calls for high bill issues
  • Helped support staff answer customer inquiries more effectively
  • Offered customers more self-service capabilities.
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Article - How to Make a Business Case for Investing in a Utility Customer Portal

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9 Ideas for Utility Billing and Customer Service Managers


 How to Make Business Case for Investing in a Utility Customer Portal (PDF) Introduction

Public trust in your utility happens when the service community believes that its interests are aligned with the interests of your organization. In order to earn and reinforce this trust, utilities have to continually demonstrate that serving customers is a commitment woven in to everything they do.

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